Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where was the youth skipped?

It seems yesterday
When I hoped to grow up one day
Not into a mature individual
Not into a working professional
But into something which was
Glorified as youth
The energy and intensity of the word
Itself was drawing enough
The dreams and the hopes that came
With the thought were unavoidable
The imagination of being a young
Student with dreams in the eyes
With a will to follow that he desires
The imagination of being a young
Energetic individual capable of
Doing anything that he sets his mind on
The imagination of being able to
Know what he wants and
Sets his mind and focus on it.
Just the mention of the word youth
Reminded one of the promising times ahead.
But here we stand today
Engaged in the wheels of the world
Giving a slight push whenever we can
And feel like.
The mention of the word now
Pops into imagination those who are
In the wonderful and amazing world
Doing their duties as a youth with no
Bars to what to do and what not except for
Their own sense of right and wrong
Nobody to tell them when to wake up
Or go to sleep now.
Nobody to book their time so intensively
So as to not to have the time to even be sick
Everything is a pleasure for them
The warm sun, the chilly wind, the incessant rain
Everything is an event to be enjoyed,
Not a hold-up t work,
Not an obstacle to get to work on time.
All the thoughts of these people and
The word youth now give a slight sense of sinking
A slight sense of missed or rather skipped
Opportunity to enjoy the world
as made by god
To enjoy the company of other people
As designed by god
To travel and know more
As expected by god
To do all this at an age
As envisaged by god
I think of all this and then
I think of the time when the word
Was a fantasy and the time when
.it has become missed opportunity
what I fail to understand is
where could youth have been fitted into this?


Yashika Totlani said...

Its the same for everyone... i appreciate, and relate to, the sentiment. But I also believe that we enjoy this world only as much as we want to. Don't consider your youth lost... lots more ahead in store for you! A trip back to india(:P), family, marriage, kids! :P :)

Nice poem - it rhymes, n is clear. But it reflects upon a saddened state of being, stemming from a sense of feeling busy/or away from home. Step back and relax. Enjoy the view :) And take a trip back home! :P

Tara said...

Ya... lots more in store but the thing is I think I have to change the direction... the lots more that i was talking about was not in marriage or kids... its abt being free travelling around knowing more people cultures and languages... not too late for all that but not too many avenues that i can see at this moment, they may open upp as time passes but lets see what the future has in store.
Lets see